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 Manu Sanz

She teaches tango lessons, organizes milongas and festivals and is recently editing a queer tango fanzine and a podcast about queer tango, too.

She does not consider herself as a professional at any of those activities: she does them because she " just wants to share with others what tango has given to her".

"Through listening, playing, and connecting during the dance I can experience what makes me love tango beyond the dance, the technique and the music: A DEEP ENCOUNTER.

Tango can mirror us individually and collectively. But if you really like to change,  tango has the quality of transformation: the real possibility to create something new."

Always being part of differents teams, since 2014 Manu has organized prácticas and milongas queer in Madrid as "Tango raro" (2017), "El horno sí está para bollos" (2017) y "La Orillera" (2018) and she has been part of Chamuyo Queer organizers team since 2017.

Keila Luciano & Ariadna Zaehnsdorf

Keila Luciano and Ariadna Zaehnsdorf are Argentine dancers and tango teachers. They met 4 years ago in Barcelona and have forged a strong connection ever since. Both started dancing when they were little and considered tango as a new language. With  gender perspective and open communication.

During the last two years they traveled around the world teaching, musicalizing and sharing their art, having left their mark in Argentina (Buenos Aires), Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Pamplona, Girona, Valencia), Italy (Genova, Torino, Bologna , Rome), Switzerland (Zurich and Geneva) and going to be in England and France this year. 

They are the creators of La Despeinada Tango where they invite you to explore movement without limits and enjoy the social phenomenon of tango with regular lessons in Barcelona with a double role pedagogy from beginners. And La Despeinada Milonga where every Wednesday they meet to enjoy dancing and fellowship, a very fun and relaxed milonga in the Raval neighborhood in Barcelona.

Mariano Garces & Monica Aleman Bosa

Mariano and Mónica are the hosts of La Morocha and Argenfolk in Barcelona, a milonga and Tango & Folklore school where traditional tango rules are broken in the search of / with a queer tango perspective.

Mariano Garces is one of the first queer tango teachers, dancers and organizers in Buenos Aires: He organized  the Bayres Folk Milonga  (2006 -2015) and The International Queer Tango Marathon (2010- 2014). Once in Europe, he organized the International Queer Tango Celebration in Bochum (2019), Germany.

Mariano took part in many international queer tango festivals and queer tango organizations as teacher, dancer and choreographer: Hamburg, Copenhagen, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Koln, Bochum, Ámsterdam, París, Zurich, Oslo and others. 

He also participated as Queer Tango performer in The Gay Pride of Copenhagen, Ámsterdam and Buenos Aires.

Mónica and Mariano met in Buenos Aires at UNA University, where both studied  the degree in Tango for 5 years. Mónica was born in Barcelona, and lived many years in Buenos Aires where she learned and specialized in Traditional Tango.

Since 2021 Monica and Mariano have danced and taught together in Argenfolk and La Morocha, mixing both styles  and offering a queer tango perspective in their lessons. 

They’ve recently performed with Otros Aires, where they included a queer tango choreography.

Daniel Arroyo y Juampy Ramirez

Since 2013 they are the couple who represents the avant-garde in the tango world, breaking, transforming and elevating the traditional tango pose; Not forgetting a transgressive and over the top aesthetics that is accompanied by their technical quality in the dance., they  create a surrealist universe that still holds the true tango essence.

They were  in 2013 the first same sex couple who took part in the Mundial de Tango (Tango World Championship) in Argentina. They were not interesting in the competition, but their main goal was to make visible that beyond gender and sexual condition, only two people are needed to build and dance tango. Through their performance, they tried to break with social structures and prejudices, and give an artistic message:  evolution, revolution and avant-garde to the tango environment and to society, «progressive, not aggressive!»

The following year they began their first  international tour in many European cities as Berlin, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Athens, Vienna, Zurich, Oslo, among others.

They created a unique style so far, combining humor, drag and acting with great excellence in tango  dance. Their commitment and dedication led them twice to be finalists in the Mundial de Tango in Argentina, and to be part of the  best 15  couples during 2016 and 2018 tango contests.

Tango Queer Barcelona Asoc.

Association of Tango Queer born in Barcelona in 2015. Organizers of the Quilombo Queer Tango Festival 2016 in Barcelona